To get your message across, nothing compares to an interview posted online.

SVP Media offers the flexibility of having an interview take place on location or in the studio.

Unique backgrounds can be used including a green screen to create images and video using chroma key – a post-production and special effects technique that adds depth and variety to your video.

Posting a video interview online is a great way to compliment your resume or to attract the right applicants for your services.


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  • SVP Media was the perfect choice to produce my demo reel using the green screen technique. Amazing finished product!

    Ivory Towers

  • SVP Media has provided me with a unique perspective and angle and for that I am eternally grateful.


  • Andre is a careful, methodical videographer with a fine eye for detail. He is very reliable, a real professional.

    Paul Bellini

  • I've known Andre for ages, he is most reliable, works very meticulously and always on time!

    Yvon Jussaume -

  • As a costume designer for the Bell Gala, for CAMH Foundation, Andre was photographing and shooting video of the show. He captured some magic moments every time. I recommend him highly.

    Denis Caron


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